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"The new breed of spam manages to evade filters because it contains no suspect words, is sent from hundreds of thousands of different PCs, and includes no links." -
Spam on the Rise with New Breeds

""We're getting an unprecedented amount of calls from people whose e-mail systems are melting down under this onslaught [of spam]" -
The Web's Dark Side Grows Darker

How much time and energy does your company spend dealing with spam?

Many business email users claim to spend an average of 30 minutes a day dealing with spam.  If you had a business with 50 email users, each dealing with spam 30 minutes a day, you are loosing 25 man-hours a day just managing spam.  That is 9,125 lost man hours a year!  If you assume that each person is earning an average of $15/hour, you are spending $136,875 just for your employees to deal with spam each year! 

For those companies with smaller volumes, using the same numbers above, you can expect to loose $2,738 a year in lost man-hours per email address that you check (not including the wasted internet bandwidth and hard drive space that spam uses up).

Delta Shield Email Filter Demo

Our email filtering service is one of the most exciting things we have developed here at Delta End.  We use a combination of highly sophisticated techniques to filter out viruses, every little piece of spam and reduce the amount of false positives to a minimum.  Our advanced filtering sets up in minutes with no need for configuration by you.

In essence, our filtering servers sit between your email server and the internet, picking up all of your email, filtering out the spam/viruses, and then relaying it to your email server where you pick it up.  The whole process takes about 5 seconds.

Don't believe a word we are saying, in fact, disregard all of the fancy statistics and mumbo-jumbo.  Instead, take this service for a test drive yourself with no obligation.  We offer this service for free for up to 5 email accounts or for 30 days with unlimited email accounts.  No contracts and no credit card required.  Just contact us and request a 30 day demo or a  Block 1 setup.

Block 1 Up to 5 email accounts Free/Month $0.00/Email Account
Block 2 Up to 10 email accounts $20/Month $2.00/Email Account
Block 3 Up to 25 email accounts $40/Month $1.60/Email Account
Block 4 Up to 50 email accounts $70/Month $1.40/Email Account
Block 5 Up to 100 email accounts $100/Month $1.00/Email Account



Some useful info:

  • On average, between 80% and 95% of all email is spam.  Most filtering services stop only between 40% and 60% of emails.  This means that between 25% and 55% of spam still gets through most filtering services.  We successfully filter out 99.9% of all spam.

  • All spam filters block some amount of valid email.  Even though our system blocks less than 1% of valid email (mostly the automated kind or email from poorly configured email servers) we still use several systems to make sure that even blocked valid emails get through eventually, including a human check system (please see our demo at the top for more details).  Most email filtering systems do not include these features, so some valid email has no chance of ever making it.

  • Many spam filters charge extra for Anti-Virus.  Anti-Virus is included in all spam filtering.  We do, however, still recommend that you have Anti-Virus on your computer that is able to interface with your email client as a second level of protection.

  • 90% of filtering services out there use 1 or 2 different methods of spam filtering and rely heavily on "learning".  This means that many filters can "learn" incorrectly and can be bypassed by smart spammers.  We use certain learning that is resistant to smart spammers and incorrect "learning".  We also use more than 20 different methods of spam filtering to insure the greatest accuracy, the very least of which is our "learning" software.

  • Although our email services require no configuration by you, we offer a control panel that gives both your system administrator and your end users great levels of control over their spam filtering setup.

  • Spam filtering will eventually reduce the amount of spam that has to be filtered as spammers continually and repeatedly cannot send email to you.  It may take years, but eventually, even an email address that has been sold to mass spamming lists will work its way through the spamming system and be removed.  Even so, few email addresses get zero spam, it is usually just a matter of degree.

  • Many email filtering systems use a "Junk Mail" system to divide our what is apparently junk email.  Commonly, valid email is labeled as junk and tossed into the "Junk Mail" folder so this requires you to check your Junk Mail folder just as often as you check your inbox.  Our system is so accurate, we have no need for a Junk Mail folder system.  Instead, emails that could be Junk Mail (but there is no way to accurately tell one way or the other) are labeled as "Possible Spam" and delivered normally (less than 0.1% of emails).  This allows you to setup your email client to move these emails around as you see fit. 

  • Our filtering system allows you to set a "Friends" system which only allows humans who can respond to emails to email you.  This is perfect if you require the highest level of security for your email users or if you have children who require email accounts.  We also have an option to temporarily turn off the filtering for your email account if you are waiting for an automated email which might not make it through.

  • Some email filtering services charge you by the email or charge you extra when you receive over than a certain amount of emails.  We filter email for single email addresses that by themselves get over 7,000 emails a day; only around 30 of those are real emails.  Why should they pay more for more junkmail?  No matter how much spam we filter for you, we will never charge you more than what our rates are.

  • There is no possible way to be 100% spam free, but it is possible to be nearly spam free.  There is junk mail (advertisement emails from services that you have specifically signed up for such as Ebay or another website) and then there is Spam (completely unsolicited email).  Junk email is easy to stop, simply remove yourself from that particular mailing list, but even with a 99.9% spam filter, you will still get around 1 spam email out of 1,000 (average).  Many times spammers will also put a, "Click here to be removed from this mailing list" at the bottom of their emails to make them look CAN-SPAM compliant but it is a waste of your time to click that.  All you are really doing is confirming your email address to them.


  • 99.9%  Spam Filter
  • We filter over 30,000 emails a day per server
  • Our offsite backup solution can backup over 250GB of data in less than 5 minutes
  • Protect your privacy by encrypting your wireless connections no matter where you connect from.
  • Secure your website source code by having us encrypt it.

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